What Are The SA Mommy Blogger Awards About?

Mommy Blogger Cover 5

On returning to South Africa from Michigan, USA. I decided to jump into the South African blogging community and soon realised that there was no platform that celebrated these phenomenal women!

That first thought set in motion what can only be described as wild and exciting rollercoaster of conversations, meetings, experiments and decisions… a rollercoaster that finally turned a corner and headed straight towards what is now called:

The SA Mommy Blogger Awards!

The concept is pretty simple… bloggers enter into three categories of their choice (out of a total of 19 categories), and submit links to two of their posts for each category. Unlike the other awards that are around, the winners of these awards will be determined by a panel of independent judges. It is not a popularity contest. It doesn’t matter how many likes and shares you’re able to generate The winners will be chosen by the judges based on the quality of content they are producing. So even if you’re a new blogger with a small readership, if you write a good quality post, you stand a good chance of winning.

The 19 Categories are as follows:
1. Best Vlogger
2. Best Foodie Blogger
3. Best Travel Blogger
4. Best Writer
5. Best Tear-Jerker Writer
6. Best Wisdom Giver
7. Best Social Media Expert
8. Best Rising Star
9. Best Parenting Blogger
10. Best Inspirational Writer
11. Best Comedian
12. Best New Voice
13. Best Photography
14. Best Business Blog
15. Best Beauty Blog
16. Best Fashion Blog
17. Best Craft Blog
18. Best Education Blog
19. Best Blog 2017

This is the first year that these awards are running and we have had 74 bloggers enter (an amazing number considering the time frame!)

We have 4 phenomenal judges.

  1. Pabi Maloi
  2. Brent Lindeque
  3. Bailey Schnieder
  4. Lorraine Kearney

We are fortunate enough to have fantastic brands join in to sponsor these awards. Read more about them here!

We look forward to this exciting new adventure as we celebrate all these incredible mothers!